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  • 04:49:36 pm on October 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Not sure what is up with the bucket.

    Queli…. my favorite Disney movie…. Snow White.
    Love all the originals which they kept in the Disney vault and brought out every 7 years to a new audience. That made them special.

    Also Snow White was always at Disneyland when we would take our son when he was 2,3,and 4 years old. But only Minnie Mouse and Chip and Dale were allowed to give him a hug.

    Plus…. some day my Prince will come…. try to get that out of your head now!!

    Hi Kate… love the dresses.
    But the jacket is really cool!! Love it.

    Hi Shirls

    Hi Fiona

    I am off to see Disney World tomorrow.

    I promise to take photos although we probably
    won’t get into the park.

    Just a note… what sadness to wake up to the news in Las Vegas.
    I hope none of our Magical friends were in the middle of it.
    Lots of them work in Las Vegas.

    Kate.. I have never taken Amidala out of her box… I will need to check into her outfits.

    Have a great day… I will be peeking in.



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