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    People are so creative. Aren’t these skeleton cupcakes wonderful for
    Halloween? The heads are made of marshmallows, the spinal column
    is a cake pop stick and the ribs are yogurt covered pretzels. Got it from

    12 marshmallows
    60 or more yogurt-covered pretzels
    1 candy necklace (cut the elastic and separate the beads)
    24 candy googly eyes
    Small tube white decorating gel
    1 dozen frosted cupcakes (we used white, but you could have fun with
    Halloween-y colors, or even chocolate frosting with crumbled Oreos so
    it looks like the skeletons are rising from the grave)
    12 cake pop sticks
    1 food safe marker


    Poke one cake pop stick into the center of each cupcake, making sure
    you have a few inches sticking out the top.

    Get the heads ready: On one flat side of each marshmallow, draw a
    mouth (as happy or scary as you like!) with the food-safe marker.
    Then add two dots of decorating gel to stick the googly eyes on. (You
    can also just draw eyes on with the marker.) Set them aside.

    Stack the following on the cake pop stick for each cupcake: 1 yogurt
    pretzel, 1 candy bead, 1 yogurt pretzel, 1 candy bead, 1 yogurt
    pretzel, 2 candy beads.

    Break or cut the tops off 24 pretzels to use as arms. Stick them inside
    the top rib (see picture). You can add a little decorating gel to help
    them stay in place if you’d like.

    Top each skeleton with a marshmallow, with the head facing the same
    direction as the tops of the pretzels (they should look like ribs).


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