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  • 02:59:11 pm on September 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Saturday…

    Kate…thanks! …that corn on the cob was so fun to make. It was
    like a science experiment. All the while I was thinking: will it work?
    And of course it did. Cracked me up!…I know exactly what you mean
    about the shoes and yes, that slit down the back is very helpful…I
    knoooow, that puppy video just melted my heart. He was so fearful
    and reluctant at first and then at the end, when he got the hang of it,
    he was so happy…love that photo of your doll with all her fab fashions!
    The little doggy is so cute. Where did he come from?

    Jackie…I just made your concoction. I put everything in it except the
    pepper and it tasted pretty good :-) …so you made some corn on the
    cob? Wasn’t that fast and fun? And no mess! That was my favorite

    Here are my girls wearing their fashions with the ruffle on the bottom.
    The one on the far right is the newest one.


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