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  • 09:25:48 am on September 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – That corn-on-the-cob video is fabulous! So simple – I have to try it and I never would have thought of it. That is a pretty Target fashion – I can see why you bought more than one. I’m glad Mattel makes shoes that are flatter heels – sometimes they fall off a vintage doll with the higher heel foot, but I find that if I can get the doll on the stand quickly, the shoes will stay on! Love the clogs – I wear those myself! That puppy video is sweet, too. I like that the new line of Rockers has a variety of instruments and a curvy member too!

    Jackie – If it wasn’t for that split on the doll shoes, I would never be able to put shoes on dolls! Especially the boots. I have cut down the backs of many boots so the dolls can wear them – especially the Tutti dolls since their shoes/boots are so small. Hope photo bucket lets you post soon!

    Xoxo Kate
    One of my favorite photos – all the clothes are gifts from doll friends.


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