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    Good Morning,

    Jackie – I like the jaunty angle of Stinky’s captain’s cap! I like how he has been trying on a variety of hats – plus taking it easy on the sofa – he certainly makes himself at home wherever he goes! Glad the lightening strike wasn’t closer or that it didn’t do more harm – scary! Good luck with the detox – they are usually pretty good in the long run – I always get a headache as part of the detox process but it usually doesn’t last too long (I have done three in the past ten years or so).

    Queli – The Dalmatians are wonderful – they have great facial expressions! Cruella’s outfit is really well done, too. I liked both the Disney animated film and the one with Glenn Close. I love getting new dolls but not the de-boxing process – gone are the days of just a ribbon around the waist! I love the clogs for the Cupcake Chef – just what a chef would actually wear!

    In the book, The 101 Dalmatians, Cruella and the woman in the story (can’t think of the name) [the woman who, with her husband, own Pongo & Perdy] – anyhow, she and Cruella were at school together and the reason why Cruella’s hair is black & white is that she drank ink (didn’t really make that much sense which is why they didn’t bother putting that fact into either film!).

    Waving to Fiona and Shirls!

    Xoxo Kate


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