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  • 08:10:03 am on September 25, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning…

    Monday again.

    Hi Queli… Glad you had a wonderful weekend.
    Mine was nice too.
     photo GoodyBagSpring2011011.jpg

    Madra’s coat reminds me of Cruella’s.

     photo GoodyBagSpring2011013.jpg
     photo GoodyBagSpring2011010.jpg

    This hair style looks much better with a hat on! lol
     photo IMG_1898.jpg

    A Barbie wedding!

    I started a 14 day Detox today. It’s an on line program by our
    fitness coach here. We meet with him several times during the 2 weeks.
    I sure hope I make it to the end!

    Waving at everyone.


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