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  • 03:51:46 pm on September 23, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…thanks!…like they say, great minds :-) I love that Kenvention
    furniture. I am going to dig it out and play with it…Stinky wasn’t
    interested in anything until they brought out the hats! He looks great
    in that captain’s hat. It was made for him :-)

    I finally took photos of Cruella. The lighting was poor and no matter
    what I did I couldn’t get it to look any better :-( This set was not
    meant to be deboxed. I had quite a time removing it from the
    packaging. Cruella’s skintone is what I call vampire white :-) and she
    comes with 13 points of articulation. Of course I love the articulation
    because I’m going to play with her and redress her. Can’t wait to try
    that fashion on Barbie.

    The outfit that she’s wearing is beautiful. The coat is soft and luxurious.

    She’s wearing a beaded necklace, and a two piece faux leather
    fashion: sleeveless top and floor length skirt with slit at left leg.


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