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  • 11:06:35 pm on September 18, 2017 | # | 0

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    It’s time for football….

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    I love all the cheerleader Barbies.

    Stinky is presently setting up his next big adventure…
    hard day at the beach… right??

    Hi Kate… I have several of those hand mini bins that are so great for dollie stuff storage.

    I think poor Ken needs a hat too. Most people probably wouldn’t notice the hole in his head…. or just think he is empty headed… but you know WE Would know!!

    I hope Hilda did okay today. I believe she will be redesigning the hospital gowns soon. She wasn’t impressed with the current style.
    The best ones I ever saw were at the radiation center. they had a large cape that ties in the front… lots of room and easy to keep you covered… which is the whole reason to have them… right?

    I can see lots of potential for that shadow box for Stinky… he is so very clever… he will surely find something fun! soon!!

    Hi Shirls… love seeing Jaime have a Barbie Bazaar magazine….hmmmm wherever did she find it??

    It was a lovely day here, but I still want to get to the beach to see the high waves from Jose remnants.

    Hurricane Maria is getting lots of attention here now too.
    No matter how close it comes, we will surely get lots of
    rain and wind. Sure hope that is all we get though.
    Florida is still cleaning up from Irma.

    This is an exceptionally strong hurricane season.

    Not looking forward to having the Weather Channel people come to town.

    Right now they are busy figuring out where they will need to go.

    Hope you have a great evening.



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