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  • 10:10:15 pm on September 17, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,
    Busy, busy!

    Jackie ~ The space suit is awesome! Stinky must have gone to the international space station. No wonder Stinky III couldn’t find him. After his rough landing here at home, he is back to watching tv and eating popcorn. ~~ I like your beach photo shoot! Love the little chairs with umbrellas attached. The hammock is pretty cool and isn’t he cute in the little grass skirt?! :-) Glad you are having some fun with Stinky now.

    Been watching the 3 hurricanes too. Wonder if Kate will get anything out of the one heading northward?

    Queli ~ I think she was my favorite Bond girl. ~~ That pair of MH shoes fit Jaeme so good! And they look good too. I like the doll glasses and the dolls look good in them! ~~ Love that bike! It’s the color combo I like.


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