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    Good Morning,

    Jackie – That Bob Mackie photo is great! He has designed some fabulous clothes over the years (not just dolls either!). Glad your friend didn’t have more of an encounter with the bear – yikes! Our leaves are just starting to turn but the temps have been in the high 70s/low 80s – it feels like summer but there is not so much humidity (yay!) – still wearing summer clothes.

    Queli – No problem about Stinky! I like the new Happy Meals series – it looks like a great idea for children! Your Target will look great – how cool that they have curvy mannequins! I like that yellow/black spiral hat – like a bee!

    Shirls – That dress on the doll on the floor was an Easter dress – the fabric had the sweetest little eggs and rabbits – I have found it difficult at times to find Easter fabric with a small enough print for dolls. I think the Joan Jett Barbie came with sneakers like that too – I like the way they look.

    Waving to Fiona!

    Xoxo Kate
    Made another tiny painting at my friend’s house (she used to teach painting and is into dolls!) – now Stinky fancies himself as an artist!


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