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  • 11:08:53 pm on September 14, 2017 | # | 0

    So pretty in pink!

    Hi Girls!
    Finally having some sunshine today! Yesterday’s high was 64* and today’s high was 82*. The rain has finally stopped, though we only got a tad over an inch all together (thank goodness). I have had a busy day and more of them coming up. I was hoping to have time to take a few doll pictures, but no such luck.

    Queli ~ Thank you! Queli, that is just so weird; I could swear I saw the post. I looked and looked for it, but never found it because you didn’t post it in the first place. Was I dreaming? haha! Or hoping? :-) I like the family house! It looks so nice even when folded up and displays well too. That little beagle dog has found a siamese cat in the laundry basket. We have a beagle and a siamese, so had to have minis of my pets. I think the sneakers belonged to a Hard Rock Barbie. ~~~ The dress matches perfectly with your color guard doll! I still have the dress and tea set boxed. It just looks so nice in there. ~~ Your sewing room is fantastic! I see lots of goodies in there! I remember the fashion fever hats. I liked how they were packaged. Love the dress on the sewing form and Esmeralda is a pretty doll all dressed up. I use her for my gypsy with the tambourine. ~~ The Barbie with the shorts set and huge hat is so cool….had to have her too :-)

    Jackie ~ I know what you mean. Setting up scenes does take a lot of time. ~~ Lunch with friends is always fun and good for the soul. ~~ It is looking fall here. Some of the trees are starting to turn and leaves are beginning to drop. I noticed some farmers had already begun corn harvest the 3rd week of August…that is early.

    Waving to Kate and Fiona!


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