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  • 09:27:52 pm on September 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,

    All quiet, but rather wet around here. Irma was like a kitten compared to Harvey. No wind, and only .60 in of rain over the past 2 days. I think today has been a wetter day than yesterday and only about 66*. I think we clear out by tomorrow afternoon. Just a wet noodle. The neighbors after losing one of their trees to Harvey last time, decided to cut one of the other trees down because of Irma. We all thought we were in a wind advisory for 50mph winds. They are disappointed now they did it because we had just a mild breeze :-(
    Just never know.

    Queli ~ I don’t know where I got the idea you wanted Stinky. Thought I had read it in one of your posts. Maybe you were thinking out loud and I read it between the lines :-) Or I was hoping you would…? ~~ Lotta work on Target. The white-washed front might look pretty good with the red target logo. ~ I always forget about the My Scenes. Some of them were very pretty and I parted with a couple I sometimes wish I hadn’t. Oh well. ~ Love Portia’s purse! And the 911 Memorial pic…..I agree with you.

    Jackie ~ You have had several bear sightings now haven’t you? Aren’t they out of their usual habitat there or not? ~~ Looks like you have a great time at conventions; whether it be Barbie or Gene. ~~ Gene’s gowns are lovely and well made. Love the backdrops!

    Kate ~ I have gone back to mid-August looking for that post. Can’t find it. Crazy.~~ I like the picture of your Let’s Dance dolls and their scare with the headless Barbie. There’s just something about the straight arms and legs in motion making the dolls appear alarmed. I think my favorite dress is on the doll down on the floor. :-)


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