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  • 12:02:56 pm on September 12, 2017 | # | 0

     photo Oscar2011066.jpg

    Good Morning… Irma has left us here. We had a lot of rain last night, but it is sunny and nice this morning. We may get more rain later, but for now it is okay.

    Hubby is at work today and his apartment has power again.
    He really did just hunker down and ride it out like lots of other
    people in Florida.

    Hi Shirls… Gene loves Stinky too. He posed with the girls on his last visit.

     photo dollcases029.jpg

    I went to 12 of the 15 Gene conventions. It took me the first three to make the decision to go. After that I was hooked. My sisters and I had wonderful times at them.

     photo DerbyDay2011010.jpg

    Because Gene is larger, the costumes were easier to make. We had competitions and the winners got to design things for the following convention.
     photo dollcases023.jpg

    the fabrics and details were wonderful
     photo dollcases019.jpg

    All the emboidery was fantastic

     photo dollcases014.jpg

    Mel loved Hollywood and designed lots of costumes from the old movies that he loved.

    We watched as he added bendable knees. The process of getting the
    patents was long and expensive.

     photo IMG_2073-1.jpg

    This ballroom backdrop was such a favorite. The convention was at the Biltmore where Oscar was “born” on a napkin.

     photo IMG_2144.jpg

    There were lots of different girls, but only Trent. He got a few outfits and was pretty stiff and had that look on his face. We had lots of fun making dioramas with him. Here the gun and holster are so realistic.

    Everything was perfect scale and the Gene shoes were wonderful.Several designers still make special shoes for her size. They are expensive, but so beautiful.. Little pieces of art.
     photo IMG_2143.jpg

    This backdrop was great too.

     photo IMG_1999-1.jpg

    Each outfit was named and had a story line with it.

     photo Obamadress017.jpg

    This is the beaded dress designed by Jason Wu that became the model for the Obama inaugural ball gown. He won the contest not knowing for whom or what the dress was being designed. It was so cool having him present the dresses to us.
     photo IMG_1904.jpg

    Have a great day.



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