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  • 09:49:16 pm on September 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,
    Not expecting as much out of Irma as did Harvey. We are in a wind advisory starting later tonight and until about noon tomorrow. Not going to be near as much rain this time, although will be rainy most all of tomorrow with an afternoon break.

    Can’t believe it has been 16 years since 911. I remember that day pretty well. Was traveling by myself in car on way to NE. Was just getting into E. St Louis, MO when started to get the early reports on the radio of what was happening.

    Kate ~ I was thinking Queli had posted something in here about wanting Stinky after Jackie was finished. ~~ I don’t know why Sporty Ken is going for so much. Maybe it’s his looks or poseable body? I do find it interesting that some playline dolls will hold or even increase in value. ~~ I like my Stinky. Even when he is just hanging out with the girls :-) Really like your group photo! Bear’s outfit is so cool!

    Jackie ~ Good to know most all is well with your hubby! ~~ Hopefully, things will be in order when you go there in Oct. ~~ Love your head shelves!!

    Fiona ~ By the time the hurricanes come so far inland, they are not even considered hurricanes anymore. The worst damage is where they first hit land after coming across the body of water (Atlantic). Being over the warm water ‘feeds’ the hurricanes, but being over land begins to slow & weaken them. Since the ocean water is warming(80-85*), it is creating very intense hurricanes and other tropical type storms. They are increasing in number this year as well.~~ I wish I knew how to make shoes. I have a couple of dolls who have no shoes. They have high-heel feet too.


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