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  • 10:34:41 am on September 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning…

    Getting ready for our part of the storm…now tropical storm Irma.
    I have been through some of those so I expect lots of torrential rain and wind. Maybe a little flooding in some areas.

    Hubby is dry. His power went out yesterday, but his cell phone still has some charge left and he has a radio. The car and apartment are both fine and he has plenty of food and water.
    They lifted the curfew, but want people to stay home. Nothing is open anyway. Just the hospitals and other essentials are getting back up.

    I am happy that things weren’t lots worse. His office is closed until further notice so he doesn’t know when it will be back open.

    Hi Fiona… do you get these monster storms down there??
    This one goes into the record books for many reasons.

    I had fun letting Stinky play with the Houston convention goodies.
    Seems he does well on a stand!

    Hi Shirls…

    I hope you have no damage from Irma… we will remember her name!

    Hi Queli… in the middle of all this, was the memorial service
    in New York today. I was stuck in Florida on that fateful day… as
    is Hubby today. He is in Ft. Lauderdale and then we were in
    Orlando. Today and that day…. none of the airports in Florida
    were open.

    Hi Kate… I will be going back to Florida in October to see Hubby.
    So I plan to say Bon Voyage to Stinky by the end of September.
    I hope to get lots of play in before he leaves. You know he is always
    welcome, but a little exhausting!
    Shall I send him to you or does Queli need to see him?

    Wish Marie… were on the list to welcome him.
    I will email her again…

    Barb, I can happily report, is doing well. Still not ready for rehab,
    but feels good and is able to walk a bit.

     photo Stinkygoeshome3-16-11260.jpg

    photo from Stinky’s previous visit…. can you find him??

    And … there is that Ken with the Funky hair.

     photo Stinkysvisit3-9-11002.jpg

    Stinky loves to party.



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