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  • 12:42:02 pm on September 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – You can send Stinky back to me when you are ready – he is not planning on going anywhere else. I had noticed that Gene prices had been going down – they are fairly inexpensive on Ebay – such lovely dolls and outfits. Thank you for the fork bows – I just went downstairs to try it out only to discover that all our forks only have 3 tines instead of 4! I will have to go over to my doll friend’s house and see if she has forks that will work! Sweet kitty photos! Glad your husband is okay!

    Shirls – You got a great deal on that Gene – she is lovely! And I like the little tiger, too. Glad you are enjoying your own Stinky! He is so easy to put into photos. That Sporty Ken is great – why is he going for so much? I say de-box him if you want to! Hope you don’t get too much rain. Love Stinky’s foil astronaut outfit!

    Queli – How nice that you were able to find shoes for Florida Teen Skipper – sometimes it isn’t easy! I took the shoes from the Curvy Nighttime Glamour outfit and gave them to my Madame Lavinia doll so now she doesn’t have to go barefoot. My father and I went to Michael’s today and it was ALL Halloween – tons and tons of cool stuff. We plan to go back on November 2nd and see what is on sale. I have found that the best time to stock up on seasonal items is a day or two after the holiday – great markdowns!

    Fiona – I found that the Barbie shoes that came in that member pack fit really well except for the pink and silver pumps – they tend to fall off any doll (well, all of mine anyway). But all the shoes are lovely! I live far enough to the north that the hurricanes haven’t come here – only a bit of rain. I suspect we are in for a very harsh winter with lots of snow storms, though.

    Xxoo Kate


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