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  • 03:50:53 pm on September 10, 2017 | # | 0

    Queli ~ Thank you for the brief and fact-filled information on Gene and the fashion doll industry. Interesting. I for one, am probably one of those people who never really delved into Gene’s background and impact. I have one other Gene only because of the price she was available for. I guess that is why my other Gene hangs out as Alice in Wonderland!! haha! I just couldn’t pass this one up. I liked the red hair and golden hair net! After I left here last night, I did go to ebay to find out who this Gene is. I think she’s pretty nice myself, and will no way find herself joining ‘Alice’. Also, for knowing who the little MA doll is! Thanks! You know your dolls :-) ~~ Nice photos of your shoe pack and indiv. shoe pairs.

    Jackie ~ I will watch the news for awhile on Irma and just keep learning more on the danger that a lot of the people there are in! The whole state is covered. I’m just hoping Irma won’t be like Harvey. Amazing how far inland these things are becoming before they finally poop out. Relieved to know your hubby will be OK. ~~ Oh, I wouldn’t go by flea market values to determine Gene’s actual value. I have found a #4 PT Barbie with a number of outfits and other articles of clothing for only $15.00 (she was in nice shape) and we know #4 is of much higher value. I did look up this Gene last night. One sale of NIB for $35.00. I was a little surprised at that! I would think these older ‘original’ Genes would be worth more though. A few other ‘loose’ ones for less. (Iced Coffee). The outfit alone sells better, I think. I did see some other Genes at quick glance, that are selling for well over a $100. They could be newer ones too, IDK. ~~~ Ken, I always like vintage football Ken! :-)



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