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  • 10:15:37 am on September 10, 2017 | # | 0

    Good morning..

    Hubby is doing okay in Ft. Lauderdale. He is inland enough
    to only have rain and wind, no damage or flooding so far.

    Hi Shirls…I have that Ken… out of the box… he has funky hair.

    I also have that Gene… wow… her value has gone way down… so sad.

    Glad she is still so beautiful.

     photo Jon Dean 042_zpsytluajel.jpg

    Football Sunday… for Ken.

    Hi Queli… what is Claire’s doing at Toys R Us???
    Wonder about that… but I have lots of doll sized stuff from there.
    I used to go in there… all the time and find goodies.

    Hi Kate… looks like both Hubby and I will be okay. The storm is
    going to hit here late tonight and tomorrow. We are only expecting rain and wind.
    The weather channel is showing great coverage. But the
    storm has a mind of her own and most of the people have fled.
    Except for those who went to the wrong spot…. because she changed her path.
    I feel sorry for those who fled the east coast and went to the west coast…. which is what the storm did too.

    There will be lots of damage, but not so many lives lost.
    the poor trees have taken a beating.

    I hope you don’t get hit hard Shirls… I will be watching to see
    where Irma goes next.



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