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  • 11:06:09 pm on September 9, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,
    What a beaut of a day! A little breezy this afternoon with a few clouds. Spent part of the day browsing a wholesale store and an antique/flea market. Found a few goodies at both places. I bought 2 new fall garden flags and already hung one of them. (I get the small flags that fit the black flag stands ) At the flea market found a little Madam Alexander McD’s size, a black lace mask, and a Verdun patch.  I’ll use the patch for the King’s Court dolls.

    Queli ~ No, I am not going to sell that cutie-pie Ken :-) ~~ Curvy shoes fit your Skipper to a ‘T’! How exciting to find shoes to fit her! The little black pair look very nice on her too! ~~ It has been a long time since I have been to Claire’s. So long, that I don’t recall them selling anything but jewelry, hair adornments, etc. I’ve been missing out, but maybe that is a good thing, ha! ~~ Pretty fabric! The blouse is very pretty. The dress looks so good on Curvy!

    Hi to Kate and Fiona!

    Jackie ~ Your furballs are so elegant :-) Love the grumpy face. ~~ Thank you for sharing the fork bow trick! I tie terrible bows. Maybe this will help. ~~ Your Stinky is asleep and mine just eats popcorn and watches TV. What gives? ha! ~~ I’m keeping an eye on Irma. Was watching news and seeing all those people waiting to get into a shelter gave me a sinking in the gut feeling. I mean it is getting down to the wire.


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