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  • 10:19:04 pm on September 8, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,
    Boy, these hurricanes that travel so far inland. Harvey and now it seems that Irma has shifted to the west and will be headed our way again, but I don’t think we will see near as much rain or wind with this one. Oh my Florida! The whole state will be devastated by Irma! Not good at all and then another is following behind Irma. Earthquake in Mexico to top it all. Not to mention all the fires in western half of the country. Don’t even want to think of what the disaster debt will total in lives and loss. Signs of the times I’m guessing.

    here are links in regard to Irma:

    Queli ~ Barbie and Ken are really enjoying their shopping outings with you :-) Look at Ken! He is just all in it! Barbie has made a good choice for a tree. Great times had by all, ha!

    Kate~ Thanks! And do I love colors! I haven’t been checking ebay here lately to check for price/values on anything. I will have to venture in one day. But, yeah! Amazing what the first wave MH dolls can bring. Some playline Barbie doesn’t fair too badly either like the fashion fevers. I have a Sporty Fashionista Ken I want to unbox real bad, but for the past 3 years he has been selling as high as $75. Not fluke sales either. ~~ The paper nesting cards are very cool! So colorful too! Really like them!! LOL at Stinky and the paper lady! Cute story as always. Thank you for sharing your BD treats with us :-)

    Jackie ~ I’m hoping your hubby will be OK too. Evacuation has been chaos. Just glad this didn’t happen earlier. ~~ Loving the fabrics! Barbie and Ken’s matching dress/shirt is very nice. Love the Stinky in orbit with little Kelly in her night clothes looking through the telescope. The sky is the limit they say :-) I like the Little Theater photo too. The costumes are so cute on such little dolls.


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