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  • 05:45:27 am on September 6, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I do the same thing – putting a doll randomly around the house – I think it creates a good look. Glad you didn’t have any worse storms – we had a big thunderstorm with rain last night and we lost power for about 10 minutes but that was about it. Cerise Hood is very pretty! Sabine Wren is pretty cool, too!

    Queli – I did not go shopping on Force Friday because I didn’t know about it until now! I would have gone to Target to see what they had – they probably still have some things up – how cool. Good that it is not all 1/6th scale items – that would be way too tempting! Ken has some great toys and so does Barbie! The advent calendar is really great this year – I keep looking at a Moomin advent calendar and might get one this year (Stinky comes from the Moomin series).

    Fiona – I’m sorry about the lost post – how frustrating! I usually write my posts in a separate word document and then copy and paste – once I started doing that, I haven’t lost a post!

    Jackie – How great that Stinky got to go into outer space! I do recognize that fabric – I made an extra dress plus I made a reverse dress using the dark planets fabric as the main fabric and the green as the waist and sash (I will find photos and post them!). I hope Irma will not bother you!

    Xoxo Kate
    Always attracted to “bling”, Stinky was quick to admire the beads I got with part of my JoAnn Fabrics gift card (the rest of it went for sewing supplies!). ;)


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