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  • 09:26:12 pm on September 4, 2017 | # | 0

    Jackie ~ Flooding was just in spots, thank goodness. Esp. where there were creeks or rivers. ~~ I’ve been keeping an eye on Irma who could be another dilly. Cat 4 right now. ~~~ Ha ha! So Stinky is heading for outer space! Oh my. Love the helmet! Fits him pretty good and actually looks like a full suit on him. Is he going to visit the space station?

    Queli ~ The landspeeder is awesome! Is it child size for them to ride in? Wouldn’t it be great to have one for the dolls? ~~ Ken looks so good shopping. He must be looking for more figures to add to his collection. ~~ Pretty Barbie with the advent calendar. What a fun one! ~~ I have actually been tempted to buy one of the fidget spinners. Maybe I could stop twirling my hair :-)

    Fiona ~ Nice to see you but sorry you lost your posts! Would it help to copy them before you post them? Then you could paste it in your next post and try again. Sometimes I go ahead and copy my posts before I click on ‘save my message’ just in case because I have lost a post or two in here.

    Hope everyone has had a good Labor Day weekend. The weather has been very nice for it. Rain starts back up again tonight for us.


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