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  • 11:38:20 pm on September 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,

    The last time I posted was Thursday evening. As the night wore on, it got pretty interesting out there with the rain and the high winds! I could not believe it would be quite like that being so many miles inland. I awoke at 2:40am to the sound of high wind gusts and rain pelting the windows. It kept that up until late Friday morning. Rest of day Friday was rainy and still maintained 30-35 mph winds. We got 5 inches of rain Thursday night and another 1 inch yesterday. Nashville received 9 inches (about 40 miles south of us). They did have some flooding downtown and a few homes flooded. Some photos showed water to be aprox. 3 ft. deep. Here, the Red River was past flood stage. A few homes also flooded, but mainly due to new subdivisions which adds more pavement and nowhere for water to soak; it just runs off. We had minor tree damage at our house; lots of limb tips and leaves all over. The neighbor lost one old large tree. Several trees downed in the neighborhood. It stayed in the 60′s for temperature, so rather cool. Woke up to a sunny sky this morning and a lovely day. Wish could say the same for those in Texas. I can’t believe the power of that hurricane! It still had the swirling motion even up here! The rain would blow east and then west and so on. Crazy. To imagine 140 mph winds like Houston would have had would have been frightening to say the least.

    Queli ~ Star Wars madness! ha! Good thing the figures are shorter than Barbie and Ken! Whew! ~~ Very nice science class display!! Good job!

    Kate ~ Cute story of the Sock Monkeys being introduced to the family. Stinky in shock is always funny…down he goes, ha! He is always helpful with the nesters, so that takes pressure off the Princess. ~~ Thank you, Kate. That is a dress on the MS Barbie. It is a tad too big(esp. arm holes), but I just couldn’t pass up the flower print! I like to dress those dolls in kid’s clothing. I think the cupcakes are dog toys, but wouldn’t swear to that. I have a little cheeseburger that is so neat. It does have a ‘squeeker’, so I know for sure it’s a dog toy. I’m glad you had a good birthday with a surprise in the mail!~~ We will be back in the 80′s by tomorrow, I think.

    Jackie ~ Cute little kitchen/house. Easy storage for that size. I like the Barbie. Pretty dress and love her shoes! I see Stinky likes high places and enjoys playing with the kids. Love his purple glasses! Also glad to see you having some fun :-)


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