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  • 05:50:44 pm on August 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Evening,

    Jackie – I think fall is arriving early here as well – it has been chilly enough at night for blankets and last night I needed to put on a sweatshirt – William was burrowed under the covers next to me – he really loves snuggling in cold weather. No Christmas decorations here just yet – I won’t even think about it until after Halloween! ;)

    Queli – That mud spatter certainly makes it more realistic! I love the Mega Bloks MH dolls – they are a little sturdier than the originals – the original dolls have very slender legs and arms! I hadn’t realized that about Cornetto – he does have sprinkles! Plus I just looked up “images of cornetto” and he looks just like the ice cream cone he is named after – I hadn’t put two and two together until you mentioned it – lol! So glad to know Marie is okay!

    Shirls – Stinky II (the one who is with Jackie now) had slightly greasy hair but it dried out pretty quickly. My father bought the first Stinky and de-boxed him so by the time I started using him in doll displays, his fur was dry but I don’t know if it was greasy at first – it might be something to do with the factory and the packaging. I think it is funny how they all have slight differences! Love all of your purple fairies and sprites – they look very magical!

    Xoxo Kate
    I got some pink sparkling lip balm.

    Stinky wanted to keep the lid as a hat but I wouldn’t let him!


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