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  • 08:30:07 pm on August 29, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,

    Queli ~ Glad to hear that Marie is doing alright. ~~ The Mega Block MH figures are pretty neat. I have looked at them at the store but decided not to get any. Some are pretty cute :-) ~~ Now I like the SUV with the mud splatter!!

    Jackie ~ Glad your storm fizzled out! ~~ I’m with you; it feels like fall could be earlier this year. ~~ There has been 51+ inches of rain so far in Houston area. I think that breaks the continental US record. And to think, Harvey is not finished dumping rain yet as he moves upward out of Texas. Seems the evacuation there has been going pretty good and some pets are being taken care of as well.

    Kate ~ The eggs that crack open are pretty cool! First time I have seen those. We were just discussing all the desserts we have so it was cool of your friend to send you some other foods. The buns look good too. ~~ Stinky can be a part of about anything and so much he can do himself. So, he could take center stage pretty easily. Right now my Stinky is just enjoying his popcorn and watching tv. One thing I noticed with the new Stinky that I hadn’t noticed with travel Stinky, is his body has a rather greasy/oily feel and a bit shiny.(Kind of like some #5 ponytail Barbies). Some of his hair is not sticking down in the back and I’m afraid glue would not adhere to him very well. So, I was wondering if your Stinkys started out that way and eventually got ‘dry’? In one of Stinky’s photos, he even had a ‘shine’.


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