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  • 11:11:42 pm on August 27, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    Queli ~ The dolls I got were Antiope, Wonder Woman, and City Chic. ~~ Removed another doll head today and had much better luck. The knob only had the 2 small prongs, so much easier. I finally deboxed the New York Yankees Barbie. Her box was not that great, so got her at a discounted price. I couldn’t believe how floppy & loose her body was. Since I had another body like it in my spare body & parts box, she inherited it. Not quite a color match, but her uniform does a great job of covering. ~~ Yeah..I liked the FF dolls too, but have since parted with a lot of them. Just have a couple of Teresas (loose) and Shannon, who is still in her carton. ~~ I like the floral print skirt of the dress you found. Also the little bottles and books at Michaels. Will be great for Halloween.

    Jackie ~ Yay! There’s Stinky! Long flight and ready for the beach. ~~ That is a very sweet little ‘house’ you found at the airport! Works perfectly for the little ones and Stinky. Cute story too :-) He likes to play with the kids and is so good with them. ~~ Big mess in Houston! And more rain to come! Saddened me to see the elderly folks in the Long Term Care facility sitting in water. ~ Sorry about your friend’s brother. ~~ I miss Marie and Marigene too and wish they would come back.

    Kate ~ Thanks. ~ What a fun day with your doll friends! Dolls aren’t near as fun if you can’t share the good times with others who love dolls. ~ Stinky is admiring your Van Gogh. Good job! I like it and the little easel. The outfit is perfect to go with it!


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