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  • 05:26:08 pm on August 27, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – I hope Kim is safe – it is so hard to imagine how much rain they are getting! And I can’t believe that convention was in a city that is now almost under water! I hope the aftermath won’t be too horrible. Glad you are enjoying Stinky! He makes himself right at home, doesn’t he! Lol at him climbing all over the room. Of course he has been to your house before so he is re-visiting a lot of old pals! I haven’t heard from Marie or Marigene – hope they are both doing well!

    Queli – I love the new nano figures – so perfect for 1/6th scale displays. The Harry Potter figures are really cool and what a great price! I also like the Trash Truck that comes with the tiny Ninja Turtles – hard to choose from so many cool minis!

    Shirls – I had accidentally knocked Stinky over when I was taking the photos of him receiving the hat and then it became his signature move after that! Since he isn’t articulated he can’t really do much else! I hope your internet troubles clear up soon – so annoying when we all depend on it so much! Pretty dress on Jaeme and a very pretty Fashion Fever doll!

    Just returned from a lovely doll meeting – there were only six of us there but we had a great time – the theme was Art in the Park. Debi, our hostess, had tiny canvases with Van Gogh’s Starry Night penciled in and then she led us through painting our very own paintings!!
    I won one of the door prizes – an artist’s dress (fits all size bodies!) and a little picnic set with a tiny dog in it!

    Xoxo Kate



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