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  • 04:43:44 pm on August 26, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    I’m just hoping I can get this post written before my internet drops again. Been having this problem now since Tuesday night. I need to call the ‘company’ but their customer service is pretty bad. Out of 273 ratings, 268 are bad, bad, bad. Had this same problem about a year ago. They try to put the blame on the router.

    The dolls I had ordered went all the way to Mississippi before it came back up here. Crazy. At least I got them and the order for the dolls was correct. I have heard several stories. Makes me wonder if I want to participate next year. My shoe pack and membership card are supposed to arrive Tuesday, yeah!

    Queli ~ Getting to be a lot of neat little stuff that is tempting to buy for the dolls. I did buy one small figure, but it’s not that small; the Super Hero Girls. I got the Mini Katana. When I do the re-photo shoot, I will post a pic. I don’t like to remove doll heads. It is too tricky with the prongs and the long prong in the middle. I nearly twist the knob off and that is with a warmed head. And like Kate, I have cracked the necks too. Sometimes it doesnt matter because you don’t want the body anyway.

    Kate ~ Stinky’s new hat story is good! Love the way he falls over whenever he gets emotional or stunned, haha!! He looks great in the green hat. :-) That is a cute furr-baby on Momoko’s lap! ~~ Sly Stinky and his shell game!

    Jackie ~ Good to see you! Missed ya! ~~ Harvey sounds bad and the amount of rain predicted is beyond comprehension! And some folks just will not evacuate. It would be hard to leave, but with it being a cat 4, and all that rain, AND the length of time it will just sit over them, who would want to take the chance?

    Well, I’m posting this now….


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