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    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I hope you get your package soon – keeping fingers crossed! Someone on In The Pink said a doll she ordered has gone to several other states and has yet to arrive at her home – she has been tracking it for several days – too crazy! Our weather has turned cool – now we need blankets during the night – much better for sleeping. William crept under my blanket and slept there all night!

    Queli – The first time I tried to remove the head from a contemporary Barbie, the entire neck area cracked – from neck to arm along the shoulder – I was so horrified that I didn’t try it again for a long time. Actually at that point, I just wanted the head so the damaged body really didn’t matter. I kept seeing people on doll boards with all their re-bodied dolls and had to try it again – I had good luck with the Princess of Imperial Russia. I wanted her to be able to hold the nesting dolls so she needed some articulation.

    Jackie – I didn’t realize how much rain Kim is supposed to get – glad she is inland – I hope Texas doesn’t get as much damage as they are expecting! I hope you are able to post photos – I know a lot of web sites are doing big overhauls – Facebook is and so are some of the photo hosting sites (according to some of the people on the various doll boards).

    Another post with lots of photos!

    Xoxo Kate
    Several years ago, Sylvester (Marie’s big tuxedo cat) sent Stinky a present…
    The day started off with Stinky watching the girls play a board game.

    Momoko brought over a box…

    Sylvester sent Stinky a cool green hat!

    Stinky asked to borrow Skipper’s sunglasses.

    Looking cool!

    That is when he started running a shell game. This photo was taken at the start when Allan had only lost his socks!


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