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  • 10:16:03 pm on August 24, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,
    Here’s the saga of the shoe packs and membership card. I placed an order end of July(online), but had trouble with getting rid of shipping cost. So, called and with assistance, got my order in. Even showed I would get the s. pack and card on the invoice. OK, got my dolls, no shoe pack or card. Aug 7th I call. 15 min wait time. Was told I did not get those items because I had not placed the order online. Was told that next time I placed an order online, I would get them. I said it would be months before i would place another order, if they could be shipped. Hesitation and hum haw around. Said yeah they could do that and was there any other questions I had. I asked when, and was told 6-8 working days. OK, that was Aug 7th. Today, Aug 24, still nothing. Call again, 30 minute wait on hold. Nice gal helps me, says she will look into a few things and call me back. Hour later she calls. Said there was no record of my call(had the name of who assisted me that day), no record of even putting in an order. She had to go to her team leaders who OK’d to send my things. She will email me in “a couple of days” with tracking when ready to send.

    Queli ~ I did watch one of the NOVA eclipse programs on Tuesday and it was really good. ~~ That is a cute fashion. I like the busy fabrics. ~~ I found a DOTD coffin shaped box at the Dollar General store. It’s pretty cool for a buck. ~~ Can’t remember which doll I rebodied, but she had the Tommy neck knob, and it was a bugger to get off.

    Kate ~ I haven’t been to the BC site in awhile, but was reading some of the posts from people who were having problems. I just hope they get the ‘bugs’ worked out, long call waiting, improved customer service, etc. ~~ Enjoyed your Julia deboxing story. Leave it to Stinky to toss a boot at the box! ha! And then he fell over!! Poor Julia is so weak and everyone is checking on her. Emily the cat is so pretty with her long hair! Look at her toes! :-) Stinky looks great in the nurse cap. I didn’t think about putting the extra nurse cap on him here, until I was done & pictures posted. Stinky got Alan’s shirt in the shell game!! What a fun day you had!

    Hi to Jackie and Fiona!


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