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    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – A lot of people on the various doll boards have been having troubles with getting their membership cards and shoe packs – not sure what is going on since some of us have had no problems thus far! When I first ordered the Harlem Theater set, they tried to charge me for shipping so I logged out, logged in again and re-did the order – they didn’t charge me for shipping (!???) so I went ahead and placed the order. I would give them a call and get an order # or a tracking #. Hmm, Stinky may or may not have a new room!

    Queli – Dolphin Magic Ken looks great with his new articulation – and the color looks good in the photos! I’m glad we have the choices to re-body to articulated – so much more posing fun!

    Photo heavy post alert! ;)

    Xoxo Kate
    In 2009, I bought the Repro Julia doll when she came out and did a little photo story of her de-boxing.


    ReproBarbie shows the jumpsuit I made for Julia to wear when she finally can get out of the box.

    How to go about de-boxing her? Stinky had an idea that he could throw a boot at the box and shatter the plastic.

    That didn’t work! The boot just bounced off and Stinky fell flat on his face.

    ReproBarbie took charge and the gang helped to tip the box over.

    Much easier to slid out this way!

    Emily cat had to jump up and investigate (she was my kitty before William).

    Now to help her stand up!

    A little dazed from her journey.

    No, the jumpsuit is not for you!

    Giving Julia her new jumpsuit…

    Of course Stinky liked her nurse’s cap!

    Julia wondered what was going on here – Stinky had run a shell game and Allan lost his shirt and socks!


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