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  • 10:30:23 pm on August 23, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    Not sure what to think of Barbie Signature so far. I tried to do my order on line, but kept charging for shipping. Called them and received assistance with the order. (city chic, antiope, & WW). Got my order as you all know, but the free shoe pack and membership card did not come. Called them. I was told I didn’t get it because I didn’t place my order on line and when would I order again because they would send me my stuff then. I mean, I just ordered, come on. Told the guy I would not be ordering for some time and also explained that I had attempted online order…bla bla and he said OK they would ship it and would be 6-8 days. Well, that was 2 and half weeks ago and I have not seen anything. Is this par or do I need to call them AGAIN?

    Kate ~ It was great! (eclipse) And was nice to get a break from all the stress of the world. ~~ I see some cool shoes and boots in there!  Oh my!  So relieved your nephew escaped serious injury!  That sounded like a pretty bad roll-over.  Powers that be, must have been watching.

    Jackie ~ I can see the partial eclipse in your top picture. Apparently, a reflection of the sun was on your lens. If you look just below where can see your hair, in the very dark area, you will see a tiny eclipsed sun. :-) ~~ The duck looks similar to a muscovy duck. Not sure that is what it is though. Baby sure looks cute. ~~ DH looks pretty tuckered there and so glad he is up and at ‘em now! ~ Yes, the dolls are always up to something. Glad Stinky is keeping busy at your house. He needs to otherwise he gets into dutch.


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