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  • 11:43:20 pm on August 22, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    The solar eclipse was fantastic! An experience in life that is difficult to describe. Never saw one before and won’t ever see it again. Made my hair stand up on my arms and brought tears to my eyes. Forgot about everything else in this world for those brief 2+ minutes of totality. In fact for the full 3 hours. Birds stopped singing, cicadas stopped too. Just one mockingbird making strange little sounds and of course, crickets. Greatest thing, people were united through it all. All the cheers that went up and neighbors climbing out their upstairs window to get a view from the roof. Street lights came on as the ‘haze’ moved in and the shadow came. It cooled down 5*. Jupiter and Venus came to view at 1:25 pm! Awesome just isn’t enough to describe this phonomenon that moved across the country at 1,447 miles per hour. Something so much greater than we are, can only leave one breathless and tingly.

    Queli ~ Well, I hope that means I will be getting a box like that in the mail soon. What a mix-up or whatever…I hope I don’t need to call them AGAIN. :-( (Barbie is so cute from the back).

    Jackie ~ Oh no, not puter issues! Maybe it is the Grimrucks!

    Kate ~ More fun with family visiting :-) ~~ Yeah, Stinky had only 2 baths while he was here! ha! ~~ All the blue dresses are so pretty together and the Star Trek tops are great! Right down to the insignia/button. So talented with sewing projects! Everyone receiving those items had to have been happy! Nice gifts from your friend.

    Fiona ~ The flu can really be hard on a person and takes awhile to get to feeling normal again. Congrats on your Skipper and Tutti haul. Those kinds of dolls are fun to ‘rehab’. It can be rewarding.


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