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    Good Afternoon/early Evening, :)
    Jackie – A bear on your street? Wow, what with the alligator you have quite a menagerie going on! Glad you will be home soon! Poor kitty and poor sister who lost her kitty – there are always more who need good homes! Those little boots are “wellies” also called gum boots – great for rain and/or mud puddles!

    Queli – What shoes can the curvy Barbies wear? I now have a Madame Lavinia and I want to get a selection of shoes for her – can she wear the same as the Tall dolls? Out of all those Disney villains, hmm, hard to say since I haven’t actually seen all of the films – but I would say that the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland was the least bad – she was just a bit of a loud mouth and did a lot of yelling. It seems like a lot of the others actually wanted to kill someone so that makes them worse. I love those stamps and will get a sheet soon!

    Shirls – Stinky will hero-worship Antiope like he did Becker at Marie’s house – I’m sure he will sit for hours listening to all the tales! That yellow dish is Stinky’s bed – it came from the supermarket with tiny grape tomatoes in it but it is shaped like an Easter egg and caught Stinky’s eye immediately. The little ceramic figures (in the second photo they are in the lower right corner – those are the ones you mean, right?) came from Japan and they had soy sauce in them – they had tiny corks but they disintegrated.

    Xoxo Kate
    Julia and Barbie, as flight attendants, are set to greet the passengers as they board the airline.

    They aren’t so sure about this guy – too much luggage! He will need to check his bags before boarding.

    He thinks he is an elegant traveler!


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