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    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – We had a great time working on the story together! Love the shot of Antiope subduing the Queen! I love the little re-ment miniatures and have not allowed myself to go overboard with them! I like tiny tea sets, too but I don’t want to get into collecting them – not enough room in the house. That is one of the reasons I don’t have the vintage cardboard Barbie Fashion Shop – way too big (not to mention expensive!).

    Jackie – At this point, the food I have for my dolls is almost entirely sweets! I have some sushi items but it is 90% cakes, pastries and chocolates – I try not to eat like that myself but the dolls can! Glad your hubby is slowing getting back into his routine. Ft. Lauderdale has a very nice Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (at least it did in the late 90s when I was there).

    Queli – The new Ken dolls are really great! I like the clothes, too. I like the new Holiday doll for this year – some people on other doll boards were fussing about her but I think she is pretty and so is her dress! Love the little army guys! And I think the little boys playing with them look sort of like Tom Jones! Cool tiny macaroons!

    Xoxo Kate
    Cornetto made sure the ruby was returned safely to Stinky’s room. He made a comment on how messy the room is and announced that Grandpa made a set of shelves for Stinky.

    Stinky, Cornetto and the little green dog quickly empty out the room! They have made a bigger mess but the shelves need to go in first.

    The shelves are put in place…

    His room looks much neater and now he can add to his collection of souvenirs quite easily!


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