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    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Good that your husband needs to take it easy – it is always tempting to rush back to work but he still needs resting up! I hope you are getting enough rest, too.

    Queli – I like that egg chair from this year’s convention – I loved the sci-fi theme. I like the Tokidoki Barbies, too – I guess they can’t be re-bodied because of all the tattoos!

    Shirls – Your Stinky looks right at home with the fairies – I found that he can fit well into just about any scene although he has a bit of troubles with larger dolls (like Crissy & Velvet, the larger Madame Alexander dolls, etc.) unless he stands on a box! Stinky will be happy to meet the returning heroes – I bet he will have a bit of a crush on Antiope!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky’s Party…
    Merlin brought a lot of cakes and pastries for the party because he knows Stinky and all the smaller folk really like sweets!

    Everyone enjoys the food and good company!

    Cornetto reminds Stinky to put the ruby back into the little bag so it won’t get lost!

    First Stinky wants to finish his tray of goodies (he is going to get a tummy ache if he continues to eat like this).

    Later on when the party winds down, Stinky receives a visit and a lot of attention from two famous jazz singers, Claudette Gordon and Madame Lavinia!


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