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  • 11:08:43 pm on August 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    Just a quick fly by. Will be back in tomorrow to post to you.

    My Stinky is just so happy his brother is in the clear. He is so excited hearing about his brother’s experiences. He wants to meet Katnis, Four, and the new Antiope. He wanted so badly to go to the Fairy cottage to meet the Fairies and Queen Elinor. So, that is where I took him and he is going to stay there until the heroes return so he can meet them as well.

    Don’t worry guys, there will be no more Stinkys visiting any more castles for a long, long, time :-)

    Thanks and glad you enjoyed the saga, ha! Thanks for your input too Kate. I think we had a good time with it. Can’t wait to see Stinky’s party/celebration.


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