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  • 03:14:57 pm on August 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…good to know your husband is doing better…wearable
    air, huh? That’s funny :-) …be safe.

    Kate…thanks!…I agree, I really like the MH dolls with their younger
    siblings…whew! I’m glad Stinky’s been cleared of all wrongdoing and
    gets to keep the red ruby…Yay! Party on Stinky!…love the little joey
    playing with the rock-a-stack :-) …you did great on Stinky’s tag team!

    Shirls…Wow, that story was EPIC! I went back to see when you
    started it and the little fairies started announcing Stinky’s arrival on
    May 7. We saw him for the first time on May 11 exhausted from his
    trip, poor thing, and sleeping in the fairies’ bed. You have keep us
    entertained for many moons!…I’m so relieved that none of this was
    his fault…and he gets to keep the ruby…bonus!…boy, that Antiope is
    fierce! She does have a “mess with me at your own peril” kind of
    face :-) and she knows how to handle herself. Strong, quick, reliable,
    you definitely want her on your team…and as far as the yeoman is
    concerned, he better shape up or ship out! He’s lucky he’s getting a
    second chance. If the King hadn’t been so generous it would have
    been curtains for him! And he’s a handsome devil, fools anyone with
    that pretty face.

    Fiona…oh definitely, a sharp pair of scissors is a must for cutting
    Barbie bangs…glad you got a chuckle from some of the photos :-)
    …Pawla is wearing a sleep mask because she’s having a family
    sleepover…no, Layla is not a musician though she loves music, she’s a
    computer nerd. She can hack into anything but only works for the
    forces of good :-) …oh yeah, around here everyone has to ask for
    permission to sit on a chair. Pets rule!

    I got three items from convention.

    Space chair

    Bud vase 7.5″H…I was going to use it as a glass but was intimidated
    by its beauty so it’s going to grace one of my shelves.

    10th Anniversary Tokidoki Barbie


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