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    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love the MH dolls with the smaller dolls – what a great idea! And the accessories that come with them are always so cool and so are the clothes! I want to make clothes from those patterns but I also have a huge backlog of patterns/fabrics that it might take some time. Love Layla’s blue robe and blue chair!

    Shirls – What a fabulous story this has been (you have done most of the work so I can say that!) and it has been such fun working with you. Glad the Yeoman was found out – lol that he roasted food in his room! And Stinky never would have left his room in the night – he is a really sound sleeper especially after being at a large banquet! How cool that Antiope helped in the attack on the evil queen’s castle! She is a really pretty doll. Love all the characters you came up with – I’m sure we will hear from them again!

    Fiona – Now that you mention it, I think some of my scissors have been blunted a bit by synthetic fabrics! Plus I just finished making a bunch of horse covers (doll size) out of synthetic fabric so I hope my good shears aren’t all dull. We used to have a person in town who could professionally sharpen scissors and knives but not any more.

    Jackie – Glad things are on the mend and getting back to “normal”. Your kitties (and Stinky) will be happy to see you! My brother and nephew arrive on either Wednesday or Thursday (they are driving here and taking time to see some sights) and they will be here for about a week. It will be fun but tiring!

    Xoxo Kate
    Merlin tells Stinky that Toothless the dragon showed up with a message from the King and Queen – the true culprit has been found and that the ruby is his to keep!

    “All’s well that end’s well,” says the little green dog. Merlin decides that a celebratory party is in order and Stinky starts planning all the food!


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