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    Story update:
    Katnis and 4 have implored the King and Queen to allow them to search the Wildwood for the Yeoman. Much against their better judgement, they lent the pair a couple of swift horses. Not long after leaving the Castle, they spied Toothless and he saw them as well. Although Toothless had been strictly forbidden to enter the Wildwood or fly above, he does anyway.

    In the meantime, Antiope is still at the Castle of the Evil Queen, debating on whether or not to invade and see what is happening or to merely head for Tanglewood, and approach the King and Queen with what she saw. Easy decision to make once she saw that the Evil Queen had released 6 spy ravens from her castle. With her keen sense of hearing, she heard ‘wings’ above and saw the dragon. To her amazement to be seeing such a thing! Dragons have not flown in years since there were no dragon riders left. Antiope knew this dragon had to come from Tanglewood Castle! She allowed herself to be seen by Toothless and the reaction was immediate; Toothless alit nearby with great fierceness. And then Antiope heard foot falls in the woods….it was Katnis and 4 on horseback!! They immediately assured Toothless that Antiope was on their side. Antiope told them what she had seen, and they made the decision to ‘attack’ the Evil Queen’s castle! (talk about taking charge!) Antiope scales the walls of the castle and enters through a window. She immediately locates the Queen and the Yeoman. She could hear the Yeoman babbling incessantly as the Queen urges to him to hurry up and get to the good part about Tanglewood Castle and the King. Antiope rushes to the entrance to allow Katnis and Four to enter and together they surprise the Evil Queen. Antiope subdues the Queen(and her apples) as Kat and Four manage the babbling Yeoman. He was reclining on a large sofa, eating an apple…the kind that makes you tell the truth. To make a long story short, in spite of also fighting off the nasty ravens, the three escape the castle with the Yeoman as the Queen still dazed and not sure of what exactly happened. Antiope headed for the stable to grab the Yeomans bag and strapped it on Toothless’ back. He took to the air and headed for Tanglewood as the three with Yeoman head for Tanglewood as well. The Yeoman continued to babble all the way back and had regaled his childhood, his youth, his time as a laborer….the three knew they needed to get to the Castle before he would spill the beans about Stinky. The King and Queen needed to hear that!

    More later.

    Antiope subduing the Evil Queen and her apples!!


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