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    Please read my earlier posting from this afternoon prior to this, the grande finale.

    Now for the grande finale(I’m sure everyone knew Stinky was innocent). Yeoman did spill about how he was so jealous of Stinky and all the attention he was getting. What took the cake was when the Kings and Queens had the Breast Plate of Honor ceremony for Stinky, and the Yeoman was not invited. He had wanted to be a Knight so bad he could taste it. Then, when Four was knighted in a secret ceremony; well that was the straw. While everyone was at the dinner, the Yeoman snatched one of the Rubies to later be put in Stinky’s Breast Plate case. Yes, the Yeoman was the one who took care of Stinky’s packing so he would not have to worry about it that night or the next morning.
    As soon as the King and Queen heard this confession, they sent message to Kate’s Stinky via Toothless. Sending a dragon into the modern world is a big responsibility, but they are confident that Toothless will accomplish this mission as well. The Queen is proud of her young dragon even though he broke the rule. Maybe it means her dragon is ready for the next level. Besides, the King and Queen are certain there will not be a reprisal coming from the Evil Queen. A message was also sent to StinkyIII and Queen Elinor. Antiope, Katnis, and Four will enjoy another day at the Castle before leaving. And the Yeoman? Well, the Queen has the key to the dungeon where he will spend 24 hours or when the ‘apple of truth’ wears off……he is still babbling! The King will once again take the Yeoman in, but this time will try to appreciate him more and help him become the Knight he always wanted to be.
    And about the bag? They emptied it’s contents on the floor and found several days supply of full cans of tuna and corned beef hash(Stinky’s off the menu choices), one set of silverware & of course, his own clothing.



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