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  • 02:26:19 pm on August 8, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Stinky can wait as long as needed! He is safe with you and just hang out! I’m glad your husband is home and on the mend and also glad your son is there to do the driving. I see so many people texting and driving it is really sad, not to mention scary – not good at all! I like those Sharknado movies – so odd and silly and I will sit and watch them all the way through!

    Shirls – That Yeoman sounds shifty! I hope they can find him or figure out what is going on! We never know what is going to happen next! Did Antiope make it to the castle?

    Queli – Love the shot of Chelsea on the sofa with her minis in the background – wonderful! It is interesting how different the Chelseas can be – were they supposed to be a replacement for the Kelly/Tommy line? (Because Mattel stopped making Kellys, right?)

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky had to help me check out the lovely patterns from Shirls! Thank you again, Shirls! :)


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