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    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – I’m so glad you and husband are back at home! I’m sure that rash will go away really quickly now.

    Fiona – I think the best thing for trimming any doll hair is a Really sharp pair of scissors and the smaller scissors the better. I had a Skipper with uneven bangs and hair (I think a small child got to her). The woman who cuts my hair told me about the small, sharp scissors and said to cut first from one side and then go to the other side and keep going back and forth from one side to the other. I’m not very adept at re-rooting but this did help me a lot.

    Queli – How cool is the little doll from Brisbane! And how neat that you were at Comic Con! I love all the creativity that goes on there! Fabulous turtle and his colors! The black & white are almost like a blank coloring book! Alligator snapping turtle – scary! Wouldn’t want to meet one in the wild! Love Penelope Primrose, too!

    Shirls – Glad Stinky is helping out with the beach hut! He likes being with people and hanging out so he is good in just about any situation! I’m glad you re-posted that photo of Stinky when he was first in the royal court – there are a lot of people!

    Xoxo Kate
    On this end, Stinky is concerned about the now hidden ruby so he and the little green doggy discuss the situation. How did the ruby get into his luggage? Did Stinky even pack his own luggage? No, he remembers people telling him he didn’t need to bother – it would be done for him – so who packed his luggage??

    He decides to get a message to the King & Queen to let them know the ruby was hidden in his luggage. The black swan will fly a message to the King & Queen and Stinky will try using the telephone (not sure if he knows the number or even if they have a telephone at the castle!). Stinky secretly crosses his fingers hoping he won’t be accused of theft and sends the message off.

    On a completely different note, I found a black cat shirt at a thrift store today and William approved!


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