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    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Hang in there – you and hubby will soon be home! Glad they are keeping such a close watch on him! It will be nice to sleep in your own bed again!

    Fiona – Looks like an amazing time! Those whales are really wonderful – they are so huge! How great that you got to see them up close and having fun!

    Queli – That shot of the ceiling at Target is cool – I don’t usually look up when I am in stores. It makes you realize just how large those box stores are!

    Shirls – Glad the baby wrens are growing up – what an adventure to fly for the first time! Love Modern Circle Barbie with her short hair! Antiope will be able to catch up with the others – she is tough enough to travel alone!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky was roaming around the doll’s house and started thinking about the ruby sent from Shirls’s house.

    He didn’t actually receive a note from either the King or Queen saying they were giving him a gift of a ruby – could the ruby have been stolen, slipped into the little purse and then shipped to him with all the rest of the goodies????

    Stinky is a little worried so he goes and finds one of the nesting robots to ask if he can hide the ruby with them until he finds out more about the ruby.

    The robots quickly open up…


    The ruby fits perfectly into the smallest one (hard to see but the ruby is in there!).


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