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    Good Afternoon,

    Attention – photo heavy post!!

    Queli – Thank you for showing all the new dolls coming out – there are almost too many to choose from! The little dachshund looks great with the new re-paint! I saw some of the new Rocker dolls – I like that they are similar to the 80s Rockers but with an up-to-day twist.

    Jackie – Hope you and hubby will be going home soon. Bad enough to be in the hospital but to get a rash on top of it all – how frustrating! Sending good vibes!

    Shirls – Lovin’ Leopard is really pretty – I can see why you like her so much! I hope the baby wrens will be able to fly soon!

    Xoxo Kate
    Okay, Shirls sent me the items Stinky had collected on his trip.
    Stinky hauled the box into his room. Wonder Woman and the little green dog got set to help him open it.

    Wonder Woman opened the box and Stinky dove right in!

    Some Barbie cards and a note!

    Wonder Woman said there really wasn’t enough room in the doll’s house to take out all the items so Stinky and the little green dog moved down onto the floor.
    Here are souvenirs from Stinky’s visit with his Native American friends!

    A totally cool serape from Mexico – it goes perfectly with the plastic sombrero that came as a top on a bottle of tequila!

    Cool items from Hawaii!

    A tiny hat that is shaped like a heart (can’t see that from this angle), a cool button that has a coat of arms on it, and gifts from the faeries of the Wild Wood!

    He picked up quite a bit during his stay!

    Looking pretty cool!

    They took a quick break to eat some sushi!

    A magazine from Tennessee, a picture frame, some flowers, and a red backpack!

    A beautiful medieval bag had a large ruby in it!!

    Stinky was excited to see the famous breastplate he received from the King and Queen!

    He quickly put it on – William was milling around but didn’t touch any of the tiny items – good kitty!

    Stinky hauled all of his souvenirs back to his room. Wonder Woman thought he should put some of them away, but he wants to admire them and wear as many items at once!


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