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  • 02:13:10 pm on June 18, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – I ordered the tiny stacking rings – they should arrive next week some time! I’m glad that Vina is starting to feel at home. I think it is a challenge being the only dark green doll – the Witch of the West is lighter green, right? I had the Witch from the Mattel series that featured the vintage faces and her skin was fairly pale green. That is a really great book – the photos look wonderful!

    Jackie – Glad you got massages – very relaxing during stressful times! Glad you are going to a musical event, too. I’m sure your kitties will be happy to see you when you return home!

    Shirls – I think the King knows that Stinky can be honorable and have a bit of cheekiness at the same time. My only problem with Stinky is that he is so short it is difficult to get him in scenes with Barbie unless he is standing on a table. I think that is why it was easy for him to visit with Kelly, Tommy, the tiny elves/fairies, etc. I had a difficult time at Christmas when I was using the big Sasha doll in the scenes with the Barbies and Stinky.

    Xxoo Kate
    So, I wanted to dye a pair of sea green pajama pants and a vintage Lace Caper top & pants.
    I chose “Velvet Black” by Dylon and this was the result!
    I don’t mind since I know using dyes other than RIT can be chancy and all I really wanted was darker pants so olive green isn’t bad.
    Also the pants were 100% cotton and the Lace Caper fabrics are a poly/nylon combo and it is interesting to see the difference in colors!

    Plus William looking good on dotted sheets!


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