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  • 03:34:53 pm on June 16, 2017 | # | 0

    Hurray for Friday!

    Jackie…thanks :-) I find minis hard to resist…I know the waiting can’t
    be easy so I’m sending you good vibes and a (((hug)))

    Kate…thanks!…I’m thinking about getting the stacking rings too…the
    minute I saw the LOL Surprise dolls I remembered the surprise balls
    you made for one of your doll meetings. It’s the same idea. The dolls
    look just like baby Barbies to me, and yes, there are 45+ to collect…
    in Series 1!!!! Series 2 is starting to show up in some areas…you
    know, Lanie looks good in everything I put her in and she doesn’t
    have a bad angle…I’ve always like that Russian princess. She’s

    Shirls…so we were thinking along the same lines regarding the
    mysterious key, great minds :-) …hmmm GW, I know several people
    that have found some pretty good deals there…I really like that
    pink/gray/black set too and Lani looks great in leggings, don’t you
    think?…ah, so now the truth comes out. Stinky was being put to the
    test and was not found wanting…hurray! I wonder how the king will
    reward him because I’m thinking he’s going to be compensated for his
    good behavior. The suspense is killing me! Something BIG is going to
    happen. I can feel it in my bones :-)

    So here’s another fashion set I bought.

    Olivia’s leopard print jacket is so cute, and I like how Vina looks in
    those colors. Vina is starting to settle in here. It’s taken her a while.
    She’s very reserved and doesn’t make friends easily but once she
    does, they’re friends for life.


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