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  • 10:59:08 am on June 16, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Kate…thanks.
    We are still holding vigil.
    The waiting gets hard and we are wishing for relief soon.

    Hi Shirls…once you are finished, send Stinky back to Kate…unless someone else wants to host him.
    I won’t be ready until August.
    You will find the NEED to have him return again in time. Ha! Cause that is the kind of guy he is!!

    Queli..all the minis are so cool. My son had the real version of most of them.
    We do love mini reminders.

    My trip ends on Tuesday. I hope we will be finished by then….God willing.

    Hi Fiona
    Hi Marigene

    Hope you are having a good time.



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