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  • 10:48:28 pm on June 16, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    OK…took a break from the royalty :-)

    Queli ~ I like the leopard print jacket!! Wonder how Vina would look in it? The colors do go well with Vina and actually draws out the color of her lipstick and eyes. I can see where she would have a difficult time fitting in at first. But dolls are that way; once they bond you are in with Flynn!

    Kate ~ Thanks! Your story sounds so good! I bet the chase scene was a hoot! I think a person could do a lot of funny stuff with Stinky! ~ Mentioning Legolas, I was wishing I had had him for this adventure. ~~ Nice photo of the Princess and nesting dolls. I like the one she is holding.

    Jackie ~ Imagine that! A little Troll wearing a person out, haha! It’s not really him, it’s all the things in real life that need your attention. I can see why creative writers, painters etc. have to steal themselves away so they can focus. ~ I don’t have a problem with understanding the need to have Stinky back for a visit ;-) ~~ Keeping you & your family in my prayers. Does he know it’s OK if he ‘leaves’?


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