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  • 11:19:00 pm on June 15, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    Queli ~ Yes, I will probably take another day break. Discovered a photo I had missed as well, so that caused a little hiccup in the story. About the key….I was thinking about the same thing…dragon’s den or dungeon or to a special room ~~ I didn’t see the Tarzan movie either and really had no desire to. I found the doll at GW and at the time had no idea who he was; I just liked his hair! ha! I never really took any photos of the ‘Castle Dwellers’ as a group or in a diorama. Some of the other dolls I found at GW also; cleaned them up, and re-dressed them. The hair was the most difficult to detangle because of the length. Some are dolls I deboxed and re-dressed. During those earlier years of collecting, I found MANY dolls at GW! ~~~ I really like the pink, grey, and black fashions!! Have always liked that color combo.

    Jackie ~ Stinky is hanging out in his last scene right now. He did spend a few days in that hammock too, ha! ~
    Right now you are keeping a vigil and that can be tough. Good to get some things taken care of now tho too.


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